Blanche Harrison (nee Young)

Here are some of my mums memories of Barrow Shipyard, her name is Blanche Harrison nee Young and she was born on the 25th of September 1922. She is currently living in Dukinfield near Manchester.

Mum was brought up in Lancaster, and when she was 18 she got a job making spare parts for Lancaster bombers till the factory closed in 1942.

Moving to barrow at the age of 20 she was given war work as a tack welder in the shipyard. She remembers how cold it was working in the large shed during the winters.

One day she was sent across the yard to collect a male end dye. She thought they were taking the Micky so waited outside the stores being frightened to go in & make a fool of herself. In the end, she was so cold after standing in the snow, she had to go in and ask for the part. The store keeper was so nice & just gave her the part. She was so relieved!

During her work in Barrow she lived with family friends at number 2 Dundas St with the Lincoln family.

Mum will be 96 this year & remembers it being hard work but it was all for the war effort & met some lovely people during her 2 years stay.

Contributed by Mike Harrison

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